Toronto, ON - Claim Analytics is pleased to announce Kevin Pledge as CEO of Claim Analytics, effective immediately. This appointment comes as Claim Analytics and Acceptiv, a company founded by Kevin Pledge, develop a strategic relationship. This is a new role and Barry Senensky will continue as President of Claim Analytics.

Claim Analytics has been on the leading edge of predictive analytics in the insurance industry for the past 15 years. The partnership with Acceptiv will extend Claim Analytics’ services in underwriting and marketing, while still maintaining their leading role in claims.

Kevin Pledge is a fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and a fellow of the Society of Actuaries. Kevin brings a wealth of experience to the role; in 2000 he set up a data warehouse company to provide analytics to insurance companies, which he led for 14 years. More recently, he was on the working group that set up predictive modeling training for the Society of Actuaries and set up Acceptiv, a company that helps insurers reach the middle market by selling online. Kevin currently serves on the SOA’s Professional Development Committee and chairs the SOA Annual Meeting.