New Business

Our predictive analytics models can enhance your new business processes. We can help you identify customers and target them with products they will find attractive, price your products and improve your overall process. We can even help you improve your underwriting, both in terms of efficiency and overall results.

Target Marketing

Predictive analytics is used in many industries to target the right customer; there is no industry better suited to this than insurance. Cross selling from other types of insurance and between lines of business can offer significant opportunities. The difference between traditional practice and an effective targeted strategy can represent a three-fold increase in cross sell business.


Predictive analytics offers significant benefits in experience analysis for mortality. First, a predictive model can include more factors in its calculations than traditional methods can manage. As well, predictive modeling offers advantages in quantifying the inter-relationships between factors. The result is more a more accurate measure of risk, leading to a more accurate underwriting assessment and a greater (and known level of) confidence in this assessment.


The improved accuracy of underwriting can improve pricing strategy for life insurance business; being more aggressive when you know the actual cost of the policy is lower than what traditional methods would suggest, or pricing higher when they know the cost is higher than traditional methods would suggest or when there is a lower level of confidence.

Process Enhancement

Your new business process is not only important for efficiency, but it can also influence whether the policy is taken up. Our predictive analytics can also improve the new business process, whether it is applied to online sales, tradition agent sales or multi-channel distribution. Online business can benefit from streamlining of the customer journey to minimize drop off and optimizing cross-sell opportunities. For all channels, our predictive analytics can also minimize test requests and speed up the overall process, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.